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Enjoying photography, one image at a time.

This blog was set up to network with others who enjoy the pleasure of creating photographs, and to share some of my work. My interests are in landscapes, portraits, and other projects, and always looking for opportunities to work with others and improve my work.

Latest Posts

Hotel Pillow Photography

A while back, I saw an image of an unmade bed created by Imogen Cunningham. Inspired by the image, I attemped my own unmade bed image. Once again, I found myself in a hotel room but this time with a Godox 685N II speedlight and a T2X transmitter. I’ve never used Godox equipment, so this…

Rope at a Boat Dock

This is an image that I took with my Sony HX80 point and shoot while traveling in Everglades National Park. There were many manatees in the water which I had never seen before. They would come up only long enough to snort, take a breath, then go back under so you won’t see them either.…

Can’t See the Beach for the Trees

Ok, it’s a bad title. Biscayne National Park, Florida is different than most other national parks in that it’s not about scenery as much as it is about wildlife. Like its neighbor, Everglades National Park, there isn’t a lot of geological features like those in Yosemite or Arches. In the Florida parks, there are birds,…


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Last updated: September 24, 2021