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Enjoying photography, one image at a time.

This blog was set up to network with others who enjoy the pleasure of creating photographs, and to share some of my work. My interests are in landscapes, portraits, and other projects, and always looking for opportunities to work with others and improve my work.

Latest Posts

Snapshots from the U.S. Virgin Islands

In my last post, Joe’s (Late) New Year’s Photo Resolutions, I said that I’d post more and I’m already behind. Many thanks to my blog friend Sheila, for her gentle reminder to get off my lazy hindside (my words, not hers) and post something. She was gentler with her encouragement. Last week, I evaded the cold…

Joe’s (Late) New Year’s Photo Resolutions

It’s bee a while since I’ve posted, so this entry serves two purposes: first, to let everyone know that I’m still around; and secondly, to share my New Year’s Photo Resolutions for 2022. Stop Doubting Myself and My Photography I don’t know if this is due to being an introvert, or being too critical of…

A Rusty Building Without a View

The wabi sabi approach to photography has inspired me, so lately I’ve been concentrating on old buildings and textures using an abstract approach. Those who have been following me know that I have an affinity for rust so this building called out my name. It’s been all but abandoned for many years, with only a…


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Last updated: September 24, 2021