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Enjoying photography, one image at a time.

This blog was set up to networking with others who enjoy the pleasure of creating photographs, and to share some of my work. My interests are in landscapes, portraits, and other projects, and always looking for opportunities to work with others and improve my work.

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Snapshot of Badlands National Park, Part 3

Here is yet another image taken at Badlands National Park, South Dakota. I used a Sony HX-80 point and shoot camera and the internal HDR image capture. It was in the middle of the day with harsh lighting and a lot of smoke and haze from western wild fires.

Snapshot of Badlands National Park, Part 2

Here’s another image from my trip to Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Whenever I travel, my photography time is dictated by whoever I travel with, so shots are taken around mid-day every day. These would be spectacular at sunrise or sunset by bringing out the reds and oranges in the layers of earth in the…

Snapshot of Badlands National Park

I just back from a vacation to Badlands National Park, South Dakota. As usual, I took my Sony HX-80 since it’s a pocket-sized point and shoot camera, and it’s easier to get through airport security than my larger Nikon D5600 with lenses and other accessories. For this trip, I wish that I had my Nikon…

Long Exposure Photography

Several years ago, I took a long exposure shot of a nearby waterfall in autumn (post here). The image in this post is a reshoot of the falls during the summer of 2021.


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