Assignment 6: Panning, Blurring, and Stop-Action

This week’s assignment had two parts which dealt with motion. In the first half, we had to use techniques of panning and blurring to give the illusion of motion in a static image. In the second half, the objective was to freeze motion. The criteria was the usual: take a boatload of images (practice helps make perfect), and select the best ones to submit.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Off-Center

In my previous posts, I’ve been showing some of the assignments from the introductory photography course that I’m taking. As a result, I’ve been a bit lax in participating in Nancy’s weekly challenges. For the most part, the class assignments didn’t fit the challenge’s topic.

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Assignment 5: Max Focus/Selective Focus

This assignment was a study in depth of field. The trick was to ensure that the aperture setting was low (open more) for selective focus, while the aperture was set high (closed more) for maximum focus.

The assignment was to take numerous photos (a minimum of 30 to 40) of different Max Focus – Selective Focus subjects. What should be included as subjects are a landscape scene, a person or persons, a structure, texture, and nature.  Think from different angles.  Reminder -contrast in light tends to give a photo more energy.

For the Max Focus photos, the F-Stop should be F-16 or higher and focus on a point about a third into the photo.  For the Selective Focus photos, set the F-Stop to the lowest F-Stop number possible (about F-4 or lower) and zoom in to take the photo.  With a selective focus photo, anything that is the same distance from your camera that your focused point is will tend to be more in focus. From those, pick the top 6 photos and turn in 3 or 4 in color and 2 or 3 in black and white.

Here are most of my submittals for this assignment. Some were left out of this post as they will be featured in another post in the future.

As always, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Questions, comments, or suggestions can be submitted below, or direct messaging.

Assignment 4: Thirds

To continue with document the progress in the photography course that I’m taking, here is assignment 4. The tasks were to take photos with Thirds composition in mind. Take a minimum of 30 different Thirds subjects, including a landscape scene, a person or persons, and a  structure.  From those, pick the top 4 photos with 3 in color and 1 in black and white. 

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